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Imagine being able to tell your parents, kids, or partner how much you love them before the inevitable happens.

It’s a gift that many people do not get to give.

With ReadyMode, create and store videos, photos and notes so that your loved ones have the forever memories and information they need.

The ReadyMode challenge

Completing your ReadyWhen account can feel like a chore. Our challenge to you; create a single ReadyMode video for a loved one.
Once you do that, we are certain it will make the “why you should do this” clearer and give you the motivation to keep going.

How does ReadyMode work?

To use ReadyMode, you will need to be a Pro user.Once you go Pro, simply click on ReadyMode in the dashboard and start creating your forever memories.

  • Create and upload videos for your parents, kids, partners, or friends
  • Store photos or memories for your loved ones
  • Provide any funeral arrangements or immediate actions
  • Assign 2 or more people to activate ReadyMode when the inevitable happens. This can be done when you assign people to your Team