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About ReadyWhen

What is ReadyWhen?

ReadyWhen is a simple, secure, and fast digital estate management solution. Built by subject matter experts with over 15 years of legal experience, it guides users to enter, upload and store the right information so they can build a complete estate plan. It also helps when the inevitable happens by guiding both the family and executor so they know what to do, who to contact, and how to manage a tough situation. This is all built on a platform using military-grade encryption and security protocols.

Why is having a ReadyWhen account important?

Death is a topic that often goes undiscussed. But when it happens, the loss can be stressful and unbearable. When the time comes, and it will, don’t make it harder on your loved ones.

Less than 50 per cent of Canadians have completed a Will, and 60 per cent of Canadians who do have an estate plan have not shared that information with anyone. With a ReadyWhen account, you don’t need to be a part of this group, start your proactive plan today and secure your future.

What is the difference between a Pro and Lite account?

There are two account types available to you. ReadyWhen Lite is a free version; which enables you to enter two pieces of information in the Legal or Asset categories and store them securely for life. ReadyWhen Pro is a paid subscription that allows you to upload as much information as you need, and gives access to all of the features in the platform, such as Teams and ReadyMode

Is a Lite account really free for life?

Yes, 100%! By signing up for free to ReadyWhen Lite, you can securely store up to two documents in either the Legal or Asset category, for life!

How much does a Pro account cost?

ReadyWhen Pro is priced as follows:

  1. $5 per month, billed monthly
  2. $50 per year, billed annually
  3. $500 for a  lifetime subscription, billed once *

* Please note this option is a limited time offer. The lifetime subscription option may no longer be available at this price, past the introductory period.

How do I create a Lite account?

You can create a Lite account directly from the ReadyWhen website by clicking the “Sign Up” button. 

How do I create a Pro account?

Once you have created a Lite account, click the “Upgrade” button at the top of the window after logging in. You can also upgrade your account from the Account Details area.

Can I use ReadyWhen outside of Canada?

At this time, ReadyWhen is only available in Canada, excluding Québec. 

Getting Started

What are the system requirements for accessing ReadyWhen?

ReadyWhen is web-based so you can access it from any device (e.g. computer or smartphone) with an internet connection. Our solution works best on Chrome, Firefox and Safari web browsers regardless of operating system.

Can I access ReadyWhen on a mobile device?

Absolutely! ReadyWhen is designed to be a responsive website, meaning screen layouts will automatically adjust to whatever device you’re using. 

Can I open a ReadyWhen account on behalf of an elderly family member?

You can absolutely sign up your parents, grandparents, or other elderly family members. As long as you have team member access to their account, you can upload documentation and information on their behalf. You can also help them add people to their team (e.g. an executor, family and friends or legal and financial professionals).

How long should it take me to complete my estate plan?

The amount of time it takes to complete an estate plan varies depending on what stage you are at in your life. The more properties and assets you have to include the more time it will take. Having said that, using ReadyWhen makes the process of gathering and organizing what you need much easier. It’s important to remember that estate planning is a marathon; not a sprint. Enter what you have when you have it, and come back again when you have more. 

What should I do first after I activate my ReadyWhen account?

The best way to start building your ReadyWhen estate plan is by reviewing all the categories and sections to identify the information you will need to gather. We recommend you save the electronic documents you have on hand in one easily accessible folder on your computer. For any printed items that need to be converted into electronic versions, you can use a scanner or take a picture with your phone right from the website. 

Once you have identified that information, begin to input or upload it to your account. Next, we recommend that you build your team: start with selecting your executor first (most important), followed by your legal and financial professionals, as well as your spouse and family and friends.

How do I start filling in my ReadyWhen account?

After creating your ReadyWhen account and logging in for the first time, you’ll be presented with a built-in onboarding tool that will help you identify the information you may already have to add. Those areas will then be identified on your dashboard along with an easy link for you to begin uploading them. There is also a complete Help Portal with downloadable documentation and videos to guide you through filling out your account. Click here to access it.

Using ReadyWhen

What types of information can I store on ReadyWhen?

You can upload various assets (e.g. properties, vehicles, financial accounts, cryptocurrency), legal documents (e.g. Will, power of attorney), health information (e.g. doctors, prescriptions), digital accounts (e.g. social media, reward programs), and even leave notes, photos, and videos for your loved ones. 

What is ReadyMode?

ReadyMode is a feature that enables you to add the love and provide peace of mind for you and your family. When the inevitable does happen, ReadyMode is activated, protecting all your information so it can’t be tampered with and team members are given view-only access. The loved ones you select will then have access to photos, videos you create, and immediate actions set out by you. 

What are Teams and why do I need to use them?

Teams is a feature within the ReadyWhen solution that allows you to add family/friends, spouse/partner, executor, or any legal or financial professionals. You have full control over what they can see or edit. Further to this, you can indicate who has the ability to activate ReadyMode when the inevitable does occur. 

Who can be a part of my ReadyWhen Team?

As the owner of the account, you can add anyone you choose to be a part of your Team. However, it is our recommendation that you consider adding an executor, your spouse/partner, your family and friends, and any legal or financial professionals you work with, so they can all access the relevant information when they need it. By adding Team members earlier in the process, they will not only have access to information that will help them later, but be better prepared when the time comes. 

Can people on my Team login to my ReadyWhen account?

No, they can not. When you assign someone to your Team, they are sent an email to register with their own username and password. Your login information is never shared by ReadyWhen with anyone. For security purposes, we also strongly recommend that you do not share your password with anyone else. To learn more about the ReadyWhen Teams feature, please click here

Legal Facts

Which items in my ReadyWhen account can be used for legal purposes?

While you can’t submit a ReadyWhen account to probate directly, all the documents and information stored within it is what your executor will need to complete the process and close out your estate. Documents stored in the Legal section such as your Will, power of attorney, and your health directives, can be used legally, depending on Provincial laws. Please work with a legal professional to see what you can and can not use. Documentation and information stored in the Asset section will be used to settle the estate and probate.

What is the difference between a Will and a power of attorney?

A Will is intended to ensure your wishes about your estate are fulfilled after your passing, whereas a power of attorney is intended to protect your needs while you are alive. You can read more information about a power of attorney here.

Why do I need to create a Will?

You need to create a Will so that you can ensure your estate is divided according to your wishes and amongst your beneficiaries, after you pass away. If you do not create a Will, the civil courts (not your loved ones) will decide how your estate will be disbursed. You can read more information about why you need a Will here.  

Why is it important to name an executor?

An executor plays a critical role when you pass on. Essentially, it is their responsibility to make sure your last wishes contained in your Will are carried out, as you defined them, regarding your estate. They take the lead role in communicating with legal professionals, government bodies, financial institutions, creditors, and beneficiaries. This can be a professional (e.g. your lawyer or notary public), or a family member or a trusted friend. We have provided many tools for an executor to educate themselves on what is required of them

What does an executor do?

An executor is a person or institution appointed by a testator (i.e. the person who has made the Will) to carry out the terms of their Will. An executor has the authority once certified from the probate court to manage the affairs of the estate.

What is probate?

Probate is the court process that grants the authority for your executor to represent your estate. Once the authority has been granted by the court, the executor will carry out the wishes contained within your Will.

Can my estate be probated directly from my ReadyWhen account?

No, it can not. The information within ReadyWhen will be used to complete the probate forms. These forms will still need to be submitted by your executor to the courts. Your executor may want to seek legal advice when completing and submitting for probate.

Professional Service Providers

Does ReadyWhen have a professional version for legal or financial advisors?

Yes. ReadyWhen has an Admin Portal that allows professionals to add their own clients and upload documentation such as Wills, property and insurance, on their behalf. 

How does the professional version work?

Within the Admin Portal, you can: 

  • Create your client’s account on their behalf
  • Securely upload client documents, such as legal, property, taxes, and insurance that will be available to them forever
  • Send intake forms that can be filled out by your clients
  • Communicate with your clients with the built-in real time messaging feature
  • Add employees so they can help prepare and upload documents, saving you more time
  • Become a member of your clients’ teams and access all their information from one central, secure digital location
Can I add staff members to my professional portal?


What is the pricing for a ReadyWhen professional portal?

We have a unique pricing structure for businesses/professionals. To learn more or book a demo, please contact

How can I get my professional portal setup?

Please contact to get started. 

Privacy and Security

How secure is the information I add?

We are conscious of the importance of securing our system and it is built into the DNA of ReadyWhen. In fact, we use military-grade security in order to protect your information. That’s stronger than your average online bank. In addition to requiring 2 factor authentication to log in, all the data you add is encrypted in both transmission and storage. And, we are continuously engaging in third-party audits and penetration tests to ensure that no one but you can gain access to your information.

Does ReadyWhen have access to the information I upload?

No, all of your data is encrypted. Only you and the Team members you assign will have access to your information. 

How does ReadyMode release the information stored?

Once ReadyMode is activated, your memories, immediate actions, and funeral arrangements are sent to whomever was specified in each respective area. All other information will become view only, and accessible to your Team through their ReadyWhen account. 

What happens to my information if I close my account?

If you close your account, all of your information will be deleted. 

Does information on ReadyWhen ever get deleted?

Information in your account can only be deleted under two circumstances. First, if you, as the owner, close your account. Second, if you or Team members with assigned permissions, log in and physically delete an asset. The only exception to this is anything in the Legal section which cannot be deleted, only archived. 


How do I contact Support?

You can contact Support Monday to Friday between 8 am and 8 pm ET, by email ( or by phone – 1.855.908.5292

Can I make an appointment to talk with a ReadyWhen representative?

Yes, you can and we would love to hear from you! You can reach out to us through our Support line ( or 1.855.908.5292)  or book a personal one on one with a member of our Client Services team here

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

You can reset your password by using the “Forgot password?” feature on the login page. 

How do I close my account?

You can close your account at any time by emailing or calling the ReadyWhen Support team.