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If something were to happen to you, would your family know what to do?
Would they know where you keep important information and documents?
The most common answer is no.

ReadyWhen is a digital legacy management solution that guides you to proactively build, manage, and share your life plan. When the inevitable does happen, we assist your loved ones and executor so they know what to do, who to contact, and how to manage a tough and emotional situation.

Life’s unpredictable. Be ReadyWhen


of Canadians that do have an estate plan, have not shared that information with anyone

2 to 3 Years

$1 trillion is set to transfer from one generation to the next between now and 2026

2 to 3 Years

is the average amount of time needed to settle an estate through probate

Over 4,400 people have entered 21,000+ items into ReadyWhen


Do you have family and assets to protect? ReadyWhen provides guidance, accessibility, and a secure digital vault

Your Parents

Help your parents proactively plan now so you don’t have to become a document detective later

Your Team

Add loved ones, executors, or professionals to your Team so they know where important information, photos, and videos are stored

Benefits of ReadyWhen


Your loved ones will save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars when it comes time to settle an estate because the right information is accessible


All your information is protected by our military-grade security. Learn more in our Security page


Build your Team and give access to information and documentation


Use our onboarding guide tool to start, upload, and store the right information. Learn more in our How to Start page


Book a 1:1 session with our concierge team in our Contact page or check out the Help Portal


Add the love; create videos, store photos, and add immediate actions. Learn more in our ReadyMode page

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Over 75% of Canadians Lack Adequate Estate Plans

Over 75% of Canadians Lack Adequate Estate Plans

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Why my parents need to become proactive planners

Why my parents need to become proactive planners

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New partnership – Canadian Forces Morale & Welfare Services

New partnership – Canadian Forces Morale & Welfare Services

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