How we can help your business

You work to protect your clients’ future. Now give them a tool to plan for it as well.

Did you know that:

$68 Trillion

is expected to be transferred to the next generation over the next two decades

51% of Canadians

including 78% of millennials, plan on using digital tools to build their life plan

87% of Canadians

settling an Estate found the process stressful

Are you prepared for what’s coming?
Do you have the tools to ensure your clients and your business can thrive?

Whether you are a legal, financial, or insurance professional, collaborate with your clients by using ReadyWhen so they can proactively create, manage, and plan their Estate. A complete digital estate management solution, built by subject matter experts with over +15 years of legal experience, we proactively guide users to enter, upload and store the right information so they can build a complete Estate plan.

We also help when the inevitable happens by guiding the family and executor so they know what to do, who to contact, and how to manage a tough situation. This is all built on our military-grade security platform.

The ideal complement to your business. We are not in the business of creating documents. We encourage and guide users to complete and store their Estate plans so you can further assist them in protecting their legacy and loved ones.




Become invaluable to the end-user; protect their loved ones, provide peace of mind and easily manage the transference of wealth



Built with military-grade security and tested regularly by third-party auditors and AWS; we have made security a foundational pillar


Once you are part of a Team, you can view and upload documents based on the permissions set by the account owner


We have created tools that can be incorporated into any system to make it easier and faster to onboard clients


ReadyWhen enables you to tap into unique user insights and analytics that will drive ROI/organic growth

Value Add

You are already helping users protect their future, now give them a solution that helps plan for it as well

Our Clients

How have we made it easy for you? We know that you don’t have time to waste, so we have made ReadyWhen as fast and easy as possible. Do you have the tools to ensure your clients and your business can thrive?

 Easily log in to our Business Portal to:

  • Upload documents, such as legal, conveyance, taxes, and insurance, and start your client’s account on their behalf
  • Add employees so they can help prepare and upload documents, saving you more time
  • Access to the Teams’ you are a part of from one central secure digital location
  • Data and analytics to drive ROI and provide your clients direction on how to best build their Estate

Fee for Service
A big benefit of leveraging ReadyWhen is that it can be a revenue driver for any professional. Not just with the additional Billings but it can be a profit generator if used correctly.

Pricing for Business
We have a unique pricing structure for businesses/professionals. To learn or book a demo, please contact

We have a ReadyWhen Concierge team ready to help you or onboard your clients. Real humans, real help.