75% of Canadians don’t have an estate plan.


If something were to happen to you tomorrow, would your family know what to do?

Is estate planning on your summer to-do list?

If not, it should be, and ReadyWhen can help.

ReadyWhen guides you to build, manage, and share your estate plan with loved ones.

You don’t need a will to start. You don’t need to own a property.

You don’t even need to have life insurance.

Simply start with what you have.

Life’s unpredictable. Be ReadyWhen.

CF One members can sign up now and get a full year for free.

  1. Complete the registration process
  2. Click on the Upgrade button
  3. Enter the code CFONEFREE at checkout*

*Select the annual $50 option for the coupon to be valid

ReadyWhen is not available in Quebec due to how Probate is conducted in Quebec.