ReadyWhen launches a tech partnership with Prospr by Sun Life, a first-of-its-kind hybrid advice platform that offers Clients protection and proactive digital legacy management.

This partnership gives Prospr by Sun Life Clients free access to ReadyWhen’s digital legacy management platform for one year, providing customers the flexibility to proactively manage and share important life planning information.

Toronto, ON April 20, 2022 ReadyWhen is thrilled to announce its partnership with Prospr by Sun Life. Clients who sign up to Prospr will receive a free year of access to ReadyWhen’s digital legacy management platform. This one-of-a-kind partnership offers Canadians a holistic approach to health, wealth, protection, and now with ReadyWhen, the chance to proactively create and digitally store their key legacy documents.

The need for education and guidance when creating and managing an estate has been pushed to the forefront for many Canadians due to recent world events. With more information living digitally, the need to pass on information has become vital to unlocking wealth inheritance. ReadyWhen is designed to guide users to enter and share the necessary legal, asset, digital, and health information so loved ones, executors, and professionals can access it when the inevitable happens.

“We are excited that such a prestigious financial institution sees the value in offering Prospr by Sun Life Clients an easy, secure, and accessible digital legacy solution,” said Jessie Vaid, Founder and CEO of ReadyWhen. “We have seen throughout the pandemic the increased demand for an estate management solution to help protect loved ones. We need to educate Canadians on the importance of proactive life planning because without it, it can take years to unlock the wealth they are set to inherit.”

“When we began this Prospr by Sun Life journey, we envisioned a singular solution that would give Clients the ability to make informed decisions regarding their health, wealth and protection needs. ReadyWhen is a natural integration that can extend our service offering to go beyond insurance and investments, and help further protect not just our Clients but their families as well”, said Daniele Farinaccia, Vice-President, Prospr by Sun Life, Sun Life Financial Distribution.

“This partnership marks a significant moment for ReadyWhen as it aligns with our core value proposition to bring proactive estate management to the masses”, said Sachin Bhalla, Co-Founder and CMO of ReadyWhen. “ReadyWhen’s partnership with Prospr by Sun Life has the power to uncomplicate the process; helping loved ones save time and money when settling the estate. We look forward to working alongside Prospr and driving proactive behaviour as it pertains to end-of-life planning.”

The statistics further illustrate the need for a digital legacy management solution like ReadyWhen:

  • Only 33 percent of those who have received an inheritance were made aware before receiving any assets.

Prospr by Sun Life is a new hybrid advice platform from Sun Life, providing an option for Canadians to access both digital and human advice across their protection, health and wealth needs. The partnership between ReadyWhen and Prosper by Sun Life is designed to provide Canadians with digital-first advice solutions to manage both their goals and legacy.

Click here to sign up to Prospr by Sun Life for free.

Prospr by Sun Life is available across Canada in both English and French.
Currently, ReadyWhen is available in all provinces excluding Quebec.

Media Contact:
Sachin Bhalla
CMO & Co-Founder